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Brandcenter Sprint x The Martin Agency:
2nd place winner


March Madness creates a lot of emotional turmoil for a lot of people. Luckily, RITZ Toasted Chips are the sturdiest crackers
on the market. With a reliable parent brand sports fans can lean on, we can carry the weight of fans' inevitable emotions when their favorite team (most likely) loses. 

Insight: The real win is keeping your sanity during March Madness 


Strategy: We’ll show that RITZ Toasted Chips are sturdy enough to endure the madness every fan feels in March


Campaign: RITZ, Made for Madness

Where can we meet fans? 

At The Games
House of Madness is a mobile RITZ Toasted Chips rage room that lives outside of March Madness arenas. Fans can come to let out their post-game emotions in a safe and controlled environment. The only unbreakable thing in the room? The world's sturdiest cracker, of course. 

Heavy Truck 02 Mockup.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 12.19.39 PM.png

At Home

Intense emotions are often felt right at our living room couch. No lampshade or phone is safe from our tears. 

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Broken Tv-01.png
How it works-01.png
Phone 01.png
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Product Innovation

The Unbreakable Bag. For a limited time, RITZ Toasted Chips will offer an indestructible chip bag made out of a resistant, stretchy material so fans can take out their emotions in a painless and satisfying way.  

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Category Analysis 

Competitive Audit 

1:1 Interviews

Social Listening 

Comms Strategy 

Media Placement 

Deck Narrative/Presentation

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