We were asked to give purpose to a brand that's lost its way. When it comes to Staples, the nation’s largest office supply retail store, their core offering is outdated. Office supplies don’t mean what they used to, thanks to the ways in which work culture has changed. But, when taking those same products and positioning them as the first step towards someone’s “next big thing,” everything changes. 



Office supplies are a bit of a misnomer. 

  1. Work activity is moving online. People don’t need traditional office supplies to complete their daily work tasks.

  2. Even offices need less supplies. More people are working from home, and more offices are becoming vacant.

  3. Online retailers like Amazon have taken business away from traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experiences.  


When job security felt anything but secure, people turned to their own devices. In their downtime, people took the opportunity to go from just working to actually creating again. 30% of Americans picked up a new hobby while spending more time at home.

Key Insight: 

Not knowing where to start is often why we never do.

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Target Audience: 

The Budding Entrepreneur


The shift from dreaming up an idea to turning it into something real starts at Staples. 


Creative Concept 

Staples: Bring it to Life 


We asked ourselves: where can we catch people dreaming about their big ideas? 



Showing up on sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and niche magazine pages — all places people go for inspiration.



Beyond traditional placement, we asked ourselves: How can we take our messaging one step past a suggestion? 

By giving dreamers a place to start.

We'll show up at major convention centers, taking over the elevators to give people from all over the world the push they need to turn their dreams into a reality. 

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By giving their pitch in a literal elevator, The Budding Entrepreneur gets a glimpse of their dream coming true, while their day remains completely interrupted. Afterwards, they'll receive a year long membership to Staples Connect, a program in place equipped with co-working, podcasting and community spaces where people connect and grow together, re-establishing Staples as a resource for all professionals. 

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Ben Bashaw - CW 

Griffin Drew - AD 

Cara Wolder - AD

Ashanti Wright - ST 


Category Analysis 

Competitive Audit 

1:1 Interviews

Social Listening 

Brief Writing 

Comms Strategy 

Media Placement 

Deck Narrative/Presentation